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A Parent's Guide to Choosing a 
Gymnastic School

 One of the most challenging tasks facing parents today is making sound decisions regarding their children. The number of alternatives is potentially staggering, the desire to have children involved in many activities is often very great and the pressure to raise well-rounded, healthy children is tremendous. In choosing activities for their children, parents must consider a large number of factors. Is the activity beneficial for my child? Is my child interested in, and enthusiastic about, the activity? Does the activity have value for the parent? Is the cost of the activity reasonable under current circumstances?  

Gymnastics is, without a doubt, one of the most beneficial physical activities children experience. When the gymnastics program is structured and presented correctly, children realize benefits, in the areas of physical fitness, self-esteem and life skills, that serve them for a lifetime.

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Welcome to the World of All Star Cheerleading?

I am the mother of an 8 year old All Star Cheerleader.  Life as an All Star mom is never dull.  There are fequent practices, hours of travel in the car and months of weekend long competitions.  Sure, it doesn't sound any different than the life of a soccer mom, or of a mom of a child involved in any number of activities.  Oh but it is...the life of an All Star cheer mom is VERY different.  Read More